Vegan & Healthy Mini Snickers pie 

We all love chocolate, besides the taste is filled with nutrients and makes you happier and healthy!I've been trying to create the perfect snickers substitute since I love the taste, since I love pies I decided to create the perfect snickers pie! It's healthy, has good fats, fiber, protein and carbs to give you energy … Continúa leyendo Vegan & Healthy Mini Snickers pie 

High protein granola 

Last night I was talking with a friend who has a child with a few allergies and food intolerances, she was helping me with mom-tips for the blog and I started to remember with foods I used to like when I was growing up.   When I was a kid the NAFTA agreement was signed, … Continúa leyendo High protein granola 

Broccoli & lentil stew 

 As the temperature gets low our bodies start to ask for dense food, like in summer when we crave fruits and fresh dishes, always listen to your body. Eating whole and primal foods will help you to listen to those signs.  I love Indian food, is one of my favourite ones next to Thai, Mexican … Continúa leyendo Broccoli & lentil stew 

Açai bowl and energy flow

Last year wasn't the best speaking of health. I was focusing in business and my body, skin and energy weren't at their best.  A couple of months ago I've met a wonderful woman who helped me on getting back on track, I've spent a weekend taking care of her dog, the cutest and sweet dog … Continúa leyendo Açai bowl and energy flow