Chai latte oats

Weekend! That means more time to do your breakfast and enjoy it! Today I was feeling experimental with my oats today, yes you can be experimental with oats even if you don't believe it! I love chocolate oats, matcha lemon oats and today I created a Chai latte oats, the result was delicious and of course … Continúa leyendo Chai latte oats

High protein granola 

Last night I was talking with a friend who has a child with a few allergies and food intolerances, she was helping me with mom-tips for the blog and I started to remember with foods I used to like when I was growing up.   When I was a kid the NAFTA agreement was signed, … Continúa leyendo High protein granola 

Açai bowl y fluir con la energía 

El año pasado no fue mi mejor año respecto a la salud, me enfoqué demasiado en otros negocios y mi cuerpo, piel y energía lo resintieron.  Hace un par de meses conocí a una chica maravillosa que me ha ayudado a retomar el camino, las cosas se acomodaron y un fin de semana me quedé … Continúa leyendo Açai bowl y fluir con la energía 

Açai bowl and energy flow

Last year wasn't the best speaking of health. I was focusing in business and my body, skin and energy weren't at their best.  A couple of months ago I've met a wonderful woman who helped me on getting back on track, I've spent a weekend taking care of her dog, the cutest and sweet dog … Continúa leyendo Açai bowl and energy flow